I started ish in early 2010. It all began at a very young age. As an Interior Designer jewelry has become an inspiration to me. I have always made my own pieces and lets be real what girl doesn't desire jewelry?! Now that I have decided to move on from my big city life and slow down a bit I thought what perfect time to start my own collection called ish. Unique leather pieces that reflect my own personal style. They can be worn in any way that you can possibly think of. Most of the jewelry I create is made with 1 yard of genuine leather. This allows the pieces to serve to your own personal taste. They can be made into braclets, necklaces, anklets, headpieces, hair ties, belts, key chains, etc... I hope you all enjoy my first collection!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My First Go @ Packaging My Product

So what do we think?

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